Office in a Box 
Get Instant Access to a
Functioning Business Frame

Where would you most like to direct your limited resources?  

When you leverage our investment in creating a physical presence and proven best practices, you direct more of your resources toward your programs and services, rather than toward building an infrastructure

Let us be your Office In a Box
Staff on Demand
Immediately Connect With the Talent and Skills You Need

What talents exist within your board and volunteers?  What talents are you missing?

Insert our qualified staff, at the right level, at the needed time, to enhance your existing talent.  Utilize our investment in productivity and project management resources to save your team time and frustration.

Consider us your Staff on Demand
Focus on Mission
Start Accomplishing 
Your Purpose Today

What impact is possible when your board and staff are all "rowing in the same boat and in the same direction"?

Truly strategic boards with pro-active organizations and able leadership teams respond to changes in the world while always moving their Vision and Mission forward.  

Join us, and Focus on Your Mission

Our Mission:

Provide exceptional administrative and leadership solutions for extraordinary nonprofit organizations.

Among our core values, Sustainability matters to us.  We inspire Triple Bottom Line nonprofit entities.

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