Get Instant Access to a
Functioning Business Frame.

If you’d rather direct your resources immediately
toward your programs and services than toward
infrastructure, allow us to be your physical
presence. We call this your Office In a Box.
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Immediately Connect With the Talent
and Skills You Need.

We build upon existing talents within your board
and volunteers. You can strategically insert our
qualified staff, at the right level, at the needed
time. Although you may require a few hours of
administrative assistance weekly, we are there
all week, ready on demand when your volunteers
call and your deadlines loom. We call this
Staff on Demand
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Start Accomplishing
Your Purpose Today.

Successful non-profit organizations find and forge
new leadership every day.  A board relentlessly
focused on achieving the vision and mission cannot
be derailed or deterred by small hurdles and the
challenges inherent in non-profit resource
acquisition and allocation. They build a strategic plan
setting priorities, matching resources to stake holder
and community values, and then transparently
allocate them according to those priorities.  They are
able to respond to changes in their world, with their
eye on the mission.
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We see an Arizona community where citizens not only benefit from, but recognize, value and actively engage, our
non-profit organization clients.  Our clients have a clear understanding of their vision and mission, actively build the
leadership they need to move confidently toward that mission, develop an agreed upon plan to find the resources they
need and allocate them wisely, and cultivate wisdom and patience to allow their plan to unfold and achieve great
things.  Our non-profit clients earn and value the trust and support of our citizen community.
Our Mission...
Our Vision:
Please contact us if you have questions or would like additional information about our services. or give us a call at 602.840.2900
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